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The intentional design of community-led regenerative hospitality as if people, place and nature mattered.

Date: Saturday, 16 March 2024
Time: 9:30am - 4:00pm

Where: Lake Entrance, East Gippsland, Victoria

About [Un]tourism by Design 

[Un]Tourism by Design is an immersive one-day learning workshop aimed at building the connective tissue between community, policy-makers, environmental stewards, and creatives.


Over the last few years in East Gippsland we have been convening a conversation about what a regenerative approach to hosting might look like. In this workshop we would like to reflect on the conversation and continue the journey.

We will also share our reflections on the recent Regenerative Tourism by Design Summit, and share the inspiration, case studies and insights.

Our ambition is to find new ways of supporting diverse and flourishing places, communities, and nature.

Who is the workshop for?


  • Solo/micro-entrepreneurs, community leaders, businesses owners, not-for-profit and social enterprises, place-makers, and place stewards.

  • Those interested in exploring what a regenerative approach to hosting looks and feels like.


What does the workshop include?


  • Workshop designed to flip thinking and challenge assumptions

  • Individual and group discussion

  • Enough inspiration to take with you on your journey.

A day long adventure into thinking differently about hosting and experiencing place

The [Un]Tourism by Design learning experience is designed around learning, reflection and immersive experience. This rhythm creates a learning experience that addresses both cognitive and embodied learning. It will be a personal personal journey but the design also allows a collective intelligence and a community of practice to emerge. It’s the way we believe learning should be!


The content is loosely organised around the following themes:


  • [Un]doing tourism: [Re]discovering place, home and hosting.

  • [Un]thinking tourism: [Un]thinking and [re]imagining new possibilities.

  • [Un]doing travel and tourism: [Re]generative hospitality and [re]negotiating social licence.


The [Un]Tourism by Design day adventure is designed as an immersive and transformative learning journey. Participants will learn about regenerative tourism in a way that they will not be able to unsee the challenges, the stuck places we find ourselves, and what we might do individually and collectively. Our ambition is that you arrive with an open mind and heart, and that we explore together the challenges and opportunities for genuine hosting and connecting visitors to place, community and nature. 


Sitting alongside and complimenting the Feral MBA, which is a radically re-imagined training course in business for artists and others, the UnTourism by Design workshop seeks to challenge the current status quo, create new pathways, and build the connective tissue between communities experimenting with alternative approaches to hosting with and for nature. 

Benefits from Participation

Build a valuable network of community change-makers who are meeting place-based challenges with action and compassion

Learn about regenerative hospitality and how communities are creating their own futures through genuine place-based, community-led  hosting

Explore how we think, why we think in certain ways and how to unleash new thinking and creative problem solving

Explore positive impact through place-based and community-led hosting

Your Guide for the Day ~ Dianne Dredge, PhD.

Dianne Dredge_edited.jpg

Founder/Director -  The Tourism CoLab,  a global online education agency.

Co-Founder -  Designing Tourism and the Regenerative Tourism Living Lab on Flinders Island, Tasmania.

Co-ordinator, Local 2030 Islands Network Community of Practice in Sustainable and Regenerative Tourism -  a global network of Islands leading island solutions for a sustainable and regenerative future.

Former-professor and elected member of the International Academy for the Study of Tourism

Dianne is Founder of The Tourism CoLab and is Co-founder and Co-Director of Designing Tourism. Dianne is an experienced community engagement specialist, environmental planner, educator and policy researcher and is an internationally recognised thought leader in tourism. She has spent most of her 30 year career gardening in the spaces between environmental planning, research, education, policy, innovation, entrepreneurship and embedded community engagement. 


What can I expect from attending this event?

  • Access to a community of curious and like-minded professionals

  • Inspiring conversation that challenges and stretches conventional thinking

  • Find out what happens when people and place are put front and centre

What skills will I gain from attending?

  • A deeper appreciation of regeneration and what it involves

  • Insights into new approaches for community wealth building and regenerative tourism, with case studies

  • Planning for the way forward

How many people will be attending the day retreat?

  • We will need to cap registration to ensure a good learning environment, so please register early.

Is the event available online or in person?

  • The event is in person, there is no online offering.

What materials do I need to attend the day retreat ? 

  • We will let you know if there are any specific requirements. 

  • We seek to keep electronic tools, notebooks, phones, to a mininum.

  • An open mind and willingness to challenge your perceptions


What resources are included?

  • Handouts and worksheets are included

How do I register and attend the event?

  • Secure your spot by following the registration link and signing up today. Your participation is confirmed via email once you complete the registration process

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