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Have you ever felt alone and wished you had access to like-minded people who see the need for transformation of our social and economic systems?

Introducing the Communiversity

The CoLab Communiversity is a membership-based community of practice that supports all those working to transform the way we travel, host and experience place. Our Communiversity is:

☑️ A community where where the boundaries between learning and practice dissolve.

☑️ An interdisciplinary space where the focus is not on tourism but how tourism can contribute to regeneration.

☑️ A pocket-sized university available on your phone, anywhere, anytime.  

☑️ Grounded in genuine thought leadership, experimental action and generous collaboration.

☑️ A place that offers diverse learning experiences, coaching, mentoring and genuine dicussion about the change ahead and how to build resilience.

Generous Collaboration for Change

The Tourism CoLab's Communiversity is a place to reclaim the right to host and reframe tourism so that it makes a positive contribution to communities, places and the planet.


It just makes plain good business sense to pause and re-design for the future. Working between place-making, community wealth-building and redesigning our economic systems, the CoLab has a unique vantage point and understanding of both the challenges and the potential of place. The Communiversity gives access to these alternative perspectives and ways of working

Redesigning tourism means changing our perspective, dissolving the silos and connecting it with what is really going on inside and, importantly, outside tourism. The future of your business, your community, and your organisation depends on it.


In the Communiversity, we share how to [un]think and [re]imagine the art of hosting and experiencing place. We take a deep dive into how we think and why we need to think differently. We experiment and co-develop actions that are responsive to local conditions. We've also created new scalable approaches and ways of working so that tourism can deliver for places, business ecosystems, people and nature. 

Our Community of Practice holds space for those interested in exploring new ideas, alternative approaches and new thinking. 


The CoLab Communiversity membership currently offers a base membership with a 14 day free trial for a limited time only.

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Why a Membership Community?

The Tourism CoLab is a social enterprise. Our purpose is to deliver inclusive and accessible learning opportunities and access to a safe change making community. Any profits generated are reinvested back into delivering our purpose through the Communiversity platform. 

We Are Independent

Member Benefits

  • Access to knowledgeable and experienced regenerative practitioners with decades of experience in tourism, hosting, place-making and community development.

  • An expanded globally connected network of people just like you. 

  • Access to a stimulating and creative discussions, coffee chats, and workshops.

  • An opportunity to build resilience through knowledge and skills development

  • Learning about regeneration through immersive learning journeys with award winning coaches and journey-makers.

  • Activate systems change in your place, community or organisation.

  • Taking part in the movement, facilitating change and helping drive the transition ahead.

We are proudly independent. We like it that way because we deliver real, thoughtful and context appropriate actions. No templates or toolkits here. We create a space for creative thinking and learning. We scale through learning, experimenting and sharing. We have the freedom to create and optimise collaborative spaces and dissolve the silos that keep us locked into old ways of working.

Regenerosity Payment Options and Low Income Countries

We seek to be as inclusive as possible in our membership while also raising funds to cover platform costs. We understand that not everyone is in a place to be able to pay the membership fee and that capacity to pay can change as we change jobs or seek new pathways. We do not want your capacity to pay to be a barrier. We also believe that what you can bring to the Communiversity might enrich us all!

For this reason, and in the spirit of regenerosity, we offer you an option to pay what you can for 12 months. 

If you live in a low income or lower-middle income country as identified by the World Bank and would like to join the CoLab Communiversity, choose an option or contact us to discuss.


Pay it Forward

There are also folk who love what we do, and are in a space to pay it forward. This means so much to us! So if you are doing well, and would like to pay it forward, we offer you the opportunity to buy a membership for someone who can't afford it right now. We will follow up with the details!

The Tourism CoLab and the CoLab learning community have been an amazing experience for me during the last year. I’ve loved meeting others who are growing capacity for flourishing people, communities, and ecologies. I’ve absorbed so much learning and a deeper understanding of regenerative tourism and regenerative practice. 


Dianne continually thinks about how to trigger growth and learning for others, as well as expanding the experience and understanding of regeneration for all those who become involved. She has linked me to new ideas through so many helpful resources. She introduces people in the community to others who might share their ideas and thinking. Her reflections about barriers and breakthroughs have always thrown new light on my whole my way of being and triggered new discoveries of thinking, feeling and action.

Sally, Victoria, Australia

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