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The CoLab Communiversity is a place to learn, share and thrive together. The Communiversity is a pocket-sized university where you can participate in courses, social gatherings, ask questions, access resources, take a deep dive and more.

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What is the CoLab Communiversity?

The CoLab Communiversity is a place where we support each other in navigating the change ahead. It is a membership community that supports critical, creative, and collaborative thinking, education and journeys. Let's learn, share and thrive together.


A dynamic online community made up of individuals, communities, places, organisations and businesses that understand change is both necessary and inevitable and want to prepare for the future.


A retreat space where we can hold space for alternative knowledge systems and sense making, and find our agency to be the change agent we seek to be.


A safe place to learn, reflect, and share stories of regenerative practice and the journey to design the future of travel and hosting for the good of people, places and nature.


A place to do courses and get involved in learning opportunities led by knowledgeable folk with deep, embedded practical experience in community development, environmental planning, business, policy, and change making.


A community of communities that connects a network of regenerative tourism practitioners and allies with complementary skills and knowledge.


A pocket-sized university for learning and doing available on all your devices.

Our Mission

1.To provide a collaborative and supportive network for those who are working with new and regenerative practices

​2. To act as thought leaders and build the momentum for regenerative thinking through a commitment to mindset shift and systems change.​

3. To work with and hold space for our allies working in genuinely regenerative ways.


The CoLab Communiversity membership currently offers a base membership with a 14 day free trial for a limited time only.

The COLAB BASE Membership is suitable for individuals wishing to explore regenerative approaches to travel, hosting and stewarding places.

The CoLab COMMUNITY PRO Membership is suitable for individuals, businesses, communities and organisations wishing to host their own community or group, and who seek a safe and inspiring place to convene, explore and learn together.

We offer a 7 day trial so you can check out the Communiversity. Cancel anytime during the trial period and you won't be charged.

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Welcome to our base membership. Come in and have a look around. Connect with others on their change making journeys, attend a drop-in coffee hour, ask a question or attend a workshop. Our ambition is to make our community welcoming and accessible to everyone regardless of where they are on their journey.

BASE Membership

Access to a community of like-minded change makers.



Access to the CoLab Lobby including webinars, coffee chats, Q&As hosted by the CoLab.


Discounts and advance notice of course offerings


Member spotlight webinars


Content - research, reports, case studies and examples


Recommended reading, podcasts and videos

We offer a range of mini-workshops and seminars under the Base Membership. Online courses and coaching journeys are at additional cost. Prices vary according to structure and content. Check out our course page for more information. 

Annual Membership
includes 14 day free trial
$249 AUD


2024 Regenerative Tourism by Design Summit recordings and associated materials.


PRO Membership

Community membership is open to individuals, places, community groups and tourism organisations that would like to host a space in our CoLab Communiversity. With a Community Pro membership you become a CoLab Ally and part of a 'community of communities' leading change in tourism.

Everyone's needs are different, so let's talk about shared possibilities and how the CoLab Communiversity can support your journey!

All the benefits of a CoLab Base Membership



Become a CoLab Ally


Host your own space

Give your community access to the CoLab Lobby including workshops, coffee chats, Q&As hosted by the CoLab



Your community has access to our content - research, reports, case studies and examples


The shared values, knowledge and collective experience of the Communiversity can support your  journey


Support for setting up and hosting your own online community space

Let's discuss your needs

Do you live in a low income or lower-middle income country as identified by the World Bank and would like to join the CoLab Communiversity? Please contact us to discuss.

Member Benefits

The CoLab Communiversity is a place to build your capacity and confidence to implement regenerative change in your organisation, business, community, or place.

Benefits include:

  • Expand your network, connect globally and learn from others on a similar journey 

  • Unlock your creative thinking and problem solving

  • Become future-fit by building new knowledge, skills and capabilities

  • Explore what regeneration involves

  • Learn to distinguish between genuine regenerative approaches and greenwashing

  • Delve into positive impact and to design and measure the change you want to see

  • Activate systems change 

  • Access knowledgeable experts and practitioners who are 'walking the talk'

  • Be part of the movement, facilitate change and help drive the transition

Why we created the CoLab Communiversity

Demand for new skills and knowledge

The polycrisis is accelerating the depth and complexity of social, environmental and economic change. Nurturing positive outcomes, adapting to change and emerging together will require new skills, knowledge and tools. Navigating this change also requires building new relationships in communities, business ecosystems and places. So where do we look for new skills and knowledge?

Limitations of existing education offerings

Regeneration is informed by place. Formal education curricula are static, unresponsive to context and shifting conditions, and are designed to reinforce the goals and values of the existing system. Innovative or edge thinking is discouraged. Practical experience is also rare within an increasingly casualised teaching workforce.

Learning and mentoring opportunities offered by industry associations are designed to reinforce existing industry goals and policy directions. As a result, formal education, research and industry education are all distant from place-based practice, and are motivated to achieve ends that are not necessarily what practice needs.

The need for a practice-led learning network

There is a need for a practitioner-led learning network where those working in place and with communities can learn, share and reflect together. There is a need for an interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral space where those in practice can learn, cross boundaries, walk on the edge, test thinking and develop literacies in different areas. There is a need for practice based learning that accesses local knowledge, lived experience and innovation derived from experiments.

Skills for the future

Creative thinking

Analytical thinking

Technological literacies

Curiosity and lifelong learning

Resilience, flexibility and agility

Systems thinking

AI and big data

Motivation and self-awareness

Talent management

Service orientation

The Tourism CoLab understands the need to harness the power of diverse thinking, to unleash creativity, and to offer alternative educational spaces outside traditional offerings. We also know that in order to unleash creativity and innovation, we need to acknowledge the extraordinary insights to be gained from local knowledge, lived experience and alternative knowledge systems. By working with communities, places and people across the world, the Communiversity provides access to these alternative ways of being, knowing and acting in the world.

What our members are saying

I have trawled widely in preparing for my talk to try and ensure that I have understood where the debate has got to. The really clever - and rare - thing about The Islander Way and what you have shared is that you have developed the concepts into physical and moral blocks that lay a solid foundation for practical implementation. This is special and leading edge.

D.A. January 2024

I think it's much much harder in the high speed western world where communities are constantly changing and evolving. People are coming together and then splitting up and then moving on and it's so much harder to try and create the space or hold the space for that sense of community to emerge. Learning that through doing things together, that is when the community comes into being… That is what I have learned here and that is why what we're doing together is so important.

I'm finding this journey incredibly useful. I'm finding it really interesting because we are gradually but slowly coming together as a community. I'm very, very focused on community, and the fact that you can't just create a community. A community creates itself.

P.B. Regeneration Journey, September 2023

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