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Our team

Our team


Drawing from our practical and applied approach and globally recognised thought leadership, The CoLab team brings together a range of learning opportunities to help you understand and work with the shifts that are taking place across the globe. Our aim is to prepare you for a different future, one that can be better if we understand the change and plan with intention.

Share. Learn. Thrive Together.

At the heart of change is a learning journey.

We cannot solve our current challenges with the same thinking that created the problems in the first place. We need new thinking and new ways of working. At the Tourism CoLab we are focused on developing the skills to unlearn so that we can think in fresh new ways.  

Regenerative practice requires new thinking and skills

At the Tourism CoLab, we believe it is time to let go of the old tools. It's time to think differently, forge new conversations and experiment with new ways of working. This is a new way of working where the journey unfolds to meet the needs of people, place and nature. It is slow and intentional, where boundaries dissolve as collaboration gains momentum.

Our learning approach and delivery style

The Tourism CoLab offers learning journeys to suit everyone. As award winning teachers, we know thateveryone has a unique learning pathway and that learning is not linear. We also know that people bring with them their life experience, local knowledge, and thinking styles. We learn at different times and in different ways. Sometimes we don't know how useful the information we have received is until the course is long finished! That is why we offer a variety of courses, learning opportunities and tools to suit the needs of you, your organisation and community.

Our Communiversity

These pillars of practice looks deceptively simple. They represent our regenerative practice. These pillars of practice are based on 30 years of research, community development, consulting, policy development and education. We call them pillars of practice because they are the foundations of a regenerative approach, and yet they dissolve in everyday practice. Practice is the fluid art of knowing, doing and being without boundaries. It's the application of head, heart and gut wisdom. It is a sense-making journey. 

The CoLab's Communiversity - the conversations, the courses, the coaching and mentoring -  is based on these pillars of practice emerging from 8 books, over 200 research papers and 30 years of application. But it's more than that. There are conversations, new sense-making and learning that emerges when Communiversity members bring the entire sum of their knowledge and experience into the space.  What we hope to accomplish is a space of hope, light, inspiration and flourishing. A place to think, do and be whole.


The Tourism CoLab-Regen Tourism.jpg

Our Courses take place in our Communiversity, a membership based learning community. We have learned over the years that when a course finishes, that's when the real learning often begins. Participants want to stay connected to others and share insights and experiences. The Communiversity offers a space of learning, sharing, reflecting and staying grounded in the journey. 








Participant feedback

Thank you so much for this wonderful course. So many useful takeaways. It has left me feeling truly uplifted and inspired. And the interaction with all the other course participants across the world made it extra special. I'm sure we won't stop here! Thank you again.

Thank you for this wonderful course! I know the main topic was Regenerative Tourism but we experienced and learned so much more! Personally, I liked the way we could interact with people with similar interests and questions from all over the world, and how we took advantage of our diversity and managed to build something meaningful together.

I can't thank you enough for this wonderful journey  exploring regenerative tourism together. Its been a pleasure meeting and working on the project with participants from all over the world, all keen on bringing changes to offer transformational travel experiences, to make travel and tourism resilient with core focus on nature and community. What an amazing and informative course! Thank you once again.

Bespoke learning journeys

If you seek a bespoke learning journey for your organisation, community, institution or conference, contact us to discuss your needs. We have custom designed learning journeys for a range of organisations, places, communities and environmental groups across the world, from Australia to Nepal, from Mexico to Vietnam.


We genuinely care about getting the journey right, avoiding greenwashing and put ourselves above the  'regen hype'. We have been working this way for 25+ years, in education and activating change. Experience and delivering genuine value to nature, communities and place counts.

Diverse learning experiences

We have designed and delivered a range of high quality, unique and engaging learning experiences to support you in your journey, including:

Online cohort classes

Online asynchonous courses

Face-to-face place based capacity building

Walking workshops

Community co-learning and activation

Experiential, active learning retreats

Scholar-practitioner workshops

Group and individual coaching and mentoring

Research mentoring and guidance

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