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Our team

Our team


Designing learning, coaching and mentoring journeys is our passion. Courses and learning journeys for you, your organisation, and your community are part of the change and innovation journey.

Share. Learn. Thrive Together.

At the heart of change is a learning journey

We cannot solve our current challenges with the same thinking that created the problems in the first place. We need new thinking and new ways of working. The Tourism CoLab is focused on developing the skills to unlearn, think critically and creatively, so that we can innovate and build a more resilient future.  

Regenerative approaches require new thinking and new practices 

At the Tourism CoLab, we believe it is time to let go of the old tools. It's time to think differently, forge new conversations and experiment with new ways of working. This is a new way of working where the journey unfolds to meet the needs of people, place and nature. It is slow and intentional, where boundaries dissolve as collaboration gains momentum.

Learning, coaching and mentoring with heart

The Tourism CoLab offers learning journeys to suit everyone. As award winning teachers, we know tha everyone has a unique learning pathway and that learning is not linear. We also know that people bring with them their life experience, local knowledge, and thinking styles. We learn at different times and in different ways. Sometimes we don't know how useful the information we receive is until the course is finished! That is why we offer a variety of courses, learning opportunities and tools to suit the needs of you, your organisation and your community.


We are award winning teachers, coaches and mentors, experienced in the design of deep learning journeys. We've delivered everything from Masterclasses to Walking Workshops co-designed with and for a wide range of participants.

The 'Famil from Hell',

a learning journey for policymakers and elected representatives

Walking workshops in Nepal and Vietnam, visiting and learning from social enterprises

Place-based co-design workshops and 'studios' that unpack wicked future challenges

Learning in the Tourism CoLab

Business development workshops exploring diverse for-purpose business models and diverse economies

Community-led workshops and learning journeys to explore what really matters in place.

Materclasses, workshops and professional development in co-design, nature-based design for regional tourism, regeneration, circular economy, business development, mindfulness and creativity.

Our Courses leverage our Communiversity, a membership based learning community. We have learned over the years that when a course finishes, that's when the real learning often begins. Participants stay connected and continue to share insights and experiences. The Communiversity offers a space of learning, sharing, reflecting and staying grounded in the journey. 








Participant feedback

Thank you so much for this wonderful course. So many useful takeaways. It has left me feeling truly uplifted and inspired. And the interaction with all the other course participants across the world made it extra special. I'm sure we won't stop here! Thank you again.

Thank you for this wonderful course! I know the main topic was Regenerative Tourism but we experienced and learned so much more! Personally, I liked the way we could interact with people with similar interests and questions from all over the world, and how we took advantage of our diversity and managed to build something meaningful together.

I can't thank you enough for this wonderful journey  exploring regenerative tourism together. Its been a pleasure meeting and working on the project with participants from all over the world, all keen on bringing changes to offer transformational travel experiences, to make travel and tourism resilient with core focus on nature and community. What an amazing and informative course! Thank you once again.

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