Learning is at the heart of every good solution. Creating spaces to learn, reflect, engage, and test new ideas will make innovation more likely. We are supporting innovation by creating an intentional community of leaders, educators, strategies, catalysts, thinkers and change-makers who can create and hold space for learning, innovation, leadership and authentic engagement.

An Open Letter

To the change-makers, thinkers and leaders of tomorrow:

Big changes ahead...

We are currently in the early stages of a deep sustained paradigmatic shift. Whether we acknowledge it or not, there is wide-ranging evidence that our social-economic-environmental relationships are being rewired. The values and beliefs we have held on to for centuries are being questioned and new pathways and ways of working are emerging.

The choice is yours...

We can acknowledge this as fact and lean in, or we can deny it and go on with business as usual. In the end, it will only make the transition harder and disruption will continue. 

The future relies on our human capacity to learn and evolve how we think...

The challenge in these uncertain times does not necessarily lie with technology fixes, new tools or methods. Instead, it lies in our human capacity to think, connect, co-create and navigate together the change ahead. It lies in our courage to look beyond our current thinking and the courage to change, adapt and accept that the future is not certain. Now more than ever we need to listen, learn from others and acknowledge the edge-walkers, pathfinders and change-makers among us.

Our Courses

We also deliver bespoke and customised learning journeys for organisations, destinations and communities. Just ask us.

Regenerative Tourism by Design
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Our Approach

Our approach to the design and delivery of our courses is refined, distilled and thoughtful. Based on decades of experience. The aim of CoLab.U is to challenge you to think differently.

Our CoLab.U was born out of the need to think differently in tourism. We saw a lack of learning spaces and communities where new and alternative thinking is supported. The vision to establish the Tourism Colab emerged out of a 25 year journey as a consultant, destination planner, policy advisor, university professor, researcher, educator and now founder of two social enterprises. You won't find many who have held such diverse positions, even fewer can draw lessons from these experiences and turn them into shared learning opportunities.


The Tourism CoLab and our CoLab.U platform is built on a foundation of four key pillars:

  • a love of creating inspiring learning spaces.

  • a passion for community development and environmental planning.

  • a desire to teach how to think differently and collectively.

  • a deep belief that tourism can be truly transformational.


CoLab.U is about U.

CoLab.U's ambition is to create a safe space for you to learn because you want to learn and be challenged. It is an alternative critical and creative space to think, develop skills and meet a community of learners just like you. It's a place to explore systems change, creative thinking, leadership, intentional design and to shift mindsets and cultures.

It's very clear that you can't change the system from inside the system. When managers are focused on maintaining the system and meeting the metrics that define their version of success, they are less able to find the time for new perspectives.

CoLab.U creates an alternative space for learning, engaging, and testing new ideas. We need a place to come together to co-design a future that is very different to the past. We need a space where we can play, be disruptive and create new perspectives, cultures and futures. 


Learning, new ideas and path creation can happen anywhere, so the challenge for Colab.U is to foster and support these journeys whether they take place in communities, within formal education, in professional practice, or just for fun!

If this sounds like you, then take the plunge and join one of our courses or join the CoLab.U community.

Students' Stories

“This was one of the most inspiring, eye-opening and insightful journeys of personal and professional development I've ever experienced. The weekly meetings always overrun because none of us wanted to stop the sessions. Amazing group of open-minded professionals from all the world coming together to discuss the future of tourism and our planet based on the need to restore and regenerate. Thank you for all your direction and support.”

"Thank you so much for this wonderful course. So many useful takeaways. It has left me feeling truly uplifted and inspired. And the interaction with all the other course participants across the world made it extra special. I'm sure we won't stop here! Thank you again."

"Thank you for this wonderful course! I know the main topic was Regenerative Tourism but we experienced and learned so much more! Personally, I liked the way we could interact with people with similar interests and questions from all over the world, and how we took advantage of our diversity and managed to build something meaningful together."