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The Regeneration Journey

A deep dive into regenerative development and tourism in your own context, organisation, business or place 

Regenerative tourism course

The Regeneration Journey

STARTS August 2024

How do we host visitors in a way that contributes to well-being and community wealth-building?

How do we move beyond sustainability into a net positive approach?

How can we make the visitor economy part of the solution by delivering a positive impact, not part of the problem?

We know that travel can be part of the solution. Travel can transform the way we think, connect and act in the world, but we need a different lens.... a different way of working.


The Regeneration Journey is designed as a follow-up deep dive to our introductory course. It's the opportunity to continue your journey with practical, hands-on application, reflection, co-learning and coaching.


Bring your own context. We will walk with you. Co-learning and coaching along the way.

Are you ready?


Regeneration is nothing less than a mindset shift and a long-term journey. Taking the time to understand what is involved and the whether the timing is right for your organisation, community or place is important.


The term 'regeneration' is becoming more popular, but using the term in marketing is risky without fully committing to and being able to demonstrate a regenerative approach.

If you would like to know more or explore whether the course is right for you, book a call with us today.

Course description

This 20-week course is designed for those who are familiar with regenerative tourism principles, key concepts and thinking, and are keen to explore what it means in their place, business, organisation, or community.  

This course is designed to deliver core knowledge including:

  • How to [un]think and [re]design the future using a range of thinking skills including design thinking, creative thinking, foresight, and complex systems thinking.

  • Application of regenerative development principles, living systems and design.

  • Design diverse economies and regenerative business models that seek to deliver positive impact.

  • Hosting and holding space for genuine community engagement that empowers and transforms local communities.

  • Transformational experience design using insights from the neuroscience of change and sense-making.

The Tourism CoLab-Regen Tourism.jpg

Ten (10) modules delivered over 22 weeks + reflection/application/clinic coaching sessions


Time commitment approximately 25-30 hours


Cohort co-learning, coaching and mentoring

What you will gain

☑️ A deeper understanding of living systems, regeneration and mindset shift.

☑️ A slow intentional journey to thinking, being and doing differently.

☑️ New skills, competencies, and processes.

☑️ Knowledge of regenerative design principles, positive impact and understanding of monitoring and evaluating regenerative change.

☑️ Connection with a community activators on a similar journey to share and test your insights and actions.

☑️ A journey, a plan of action, and a collaborative community to support your journey.


1. Understand and apply regenerative development in your own context


2. Experiment with regenerative design principles


3. Identify opportunities to deliver positive impact 


4. Transformational experience design


5. Map the pathway to implement your own regenerative journey


This is a great opportunity to learn from The Tourism Colab, not only the theoretical principles of regenerative tourism, but also how to apply these principles in various places/destinations.

What I also loved about this course was meeting other tourism professionals from around the world who are working to make changes in tourism.

- Participant, Regenerative Tourism x Design, March 2021

I offer my sincere thanks for the learning I have gained and for the ongoing potential of regenerative tourism. I know this is what I want to pursue in my career. Thank you.

- Participant, Regenerative Tourism x Design, May 2022

We have more community involvement, the state govt is supportive and we are keeping our fingers crossed for some federal funding for a pilot project for the islands. All very exciting! We often go back to our notes from our sessions with you for our community work :)

- Participant, Community Conversations, May 2021.

Four reasons to do a deep dive

1. Understand the regenerative tourism mindset and approach, along with the key principles and concepts, from experts who are experienced.


2. Consolidate learning through practical application, reflection and co-learning.

3. Uncover and refine your own approach and develop your own toolkit based on your context.

4. Learn from our experience, access our extensive knowledge activating  transformation and regeneration.

Course content

1. Designing the journey together - keystone conversations

2. Introduction meet and greet/Inner work

3. Including nature - Regenerative development and tourism

4. Hosting conversations

5. Systems change

6. Integrated intelligence

7. Sense of place

8. Identity, belonging and stewardship

9. Diverse economies

10. Learning journey

11. Inclusion and participation

12. Next steps

The cost is $990AUD (monthly plan available) for non-members

Discount is available for members - just ask.


Registration is by application so we can assess whether this journey is right for you and your needs.


We work with a global cohort, so the schedule and timing of sessions will depend on enrolments.

Partial scholarships available -  email us for information.

What's included?

The journey is different for everyone. The course seeks to reflect different learning styles and meet fellow travellers where they are in their change-making journey.  We seek to connect and respect local flows and rhythms and co-design the regenerative journey.


With this in mind, we co-create a learning environment with the following features:

  • An initial planning meeting to discuss and refine your goals, the journey, and answer any questions you might have.

  • Individual and group sessions to maintain momentum, including formal sessions, cohort clinics, check-ins and coaching.

  • One year membership to the Colab Community, including regular guest speaker events, mini-courses, talks, resources, and workshops.

  • Access to CoLab resources, templates, worksheets and exercises which you are welcome to use.

  • Access to the Colab Lounge - the inner sanctum where fellow travellers on the journey to regeneration have a safe and private place to play, connect and share.

  • Monthly group co-learning session.

  • Monthly individual coaching sessions.


Q. When does the course start and finish?


The course will commence on the above date. The schedule may be subject to change. Every attempt is made to be as flexible as possible to account for public holidays and seasonal holidays. Working across timezones can be tricky so we ask participants to recognize these challenges. In almost all cases, sessions will be recorded and available for viewing later.


Upon signing up you will receive access to the Community CoLab learning platform hosted on Circle. 

Q. How is the course run?


Our Community of Practice, known as the 'CoLab Community', is the platform where you will find recordings of the live sessions in case you miss them. We encourage co-learning across the cohort and with other members of the Colab Community, so make sure you introduce yourself and engage in the community.


Q. Are there any live webinars?


Yes. There are live sessions based on the schedule provided at the beginning of the journey. Since this is a deep dive, we need you to attend the coaching sessions and commit to working with your team. 


Q. How long do I have access to the course?


After enrolling, you have access to this course for 6 months, or until further notice.


Q. What if I am unhappy with the course?


We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 14 days and we will give you a full refund.


Q. Will the course be offered at a later date?


Yes. The course may be offered again (no guarantees) and pricing may change. Email us at any time if you have questions.

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