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How can we move towards regeneration against a tide of greenwashing? Education, especially deep experiential learning, is essential if we are to truly understand the meaning of regeneration.


In our retreats, courses and learning summits, The Tourism CoLab brings together cognitive learning and the inner work required to shift mindsets and drive systems change.


Together we can build resilience by learning, sharing and thriving together.

Learn Together

In 2024, we are expanding the way we are addressing the learning gap. Learn from those who are working outside the system and are making the transition towards a genuine regenerative approach. In February we will be kicking off with a global online summit, which will be followed by a limited number of face-to-face learning opportunities. We work with communities and places to design experiential learning journeys that combine both local, lived experience and diverse kinds of knowledge.  Reach out if this kind of learning experience is something your community, your place, or your organisation may be interested in hosting.

Regenerative. tourism

Regenerative Tourism by Design Summit -  Online Event

  • 21-22 February 2024

  • Free Online Summit

  • 2 sessions (3 hours each)

  • 20+ speakers

  • Learn. Share. Build Community!

Lakes Regenerative Tourism Retreat_edite

[Un]tourism By Design in
Lakes Entrance, VIC

  • 15 March 2024 - one day event

  • Mindset shift and systems change

  • Holistic learning experience

  • Learn with and from community

Learning from nature_edited.jpg

Regenerative Tourism by Design -  Flinders Island, TAS

  • September 2024 TBA

  • Learnings from the Regenerative Living Lab

  • An experiential learning journey that you cannot unsee

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