Our Purpose

Ok, we are putting it out here! We are not consultants, and we don't aspire to deliver and scale template strategies in efficient and cost-effective ways that prioritise financial gain over our ethic of care for people, communities and country. We are also not interested in delivering what we don't believe in.


We live up to our values by embracing authentic stakeholder engagement. We also nurture and regenerate our advisors, thought leaders and experts, who have invested years building their expertise. We won't ask them to work for free as unpaid experts. It's time to value community, value our experts, and value forward-thinking, creative problem-solving. 

We are a social enterprise, which means we deliver a social mission that is bigger and more important than any individual. Our purpose is to change the global conversation on tourism and visitor economies and shift thinking from an exploitative to a regenerative approach.


Our work is directed at inspiring, mobilising and activating change so that tourism delivers value to individuals, communities, and nature alongside resilient economies. Our future health, wellbeing and economic livelihoods depend on taking a regenerative approach. 

Check out our courses, presentations, workshops and journeys into regenerative tourism and be part of the change. Put values before profit.

Our Services


We offer a range of courses, from online global courses to bespoke, customised and train the trainer programs in regenerative tourism. Our courses make you think. They will challenge you and ignite your curiosity. They are designed for middle and senior managers who really want to explore the future of tourism in a safe and supportive space. 

Tourism Colab Workshops


Our workshops are fun interactive and oriented towards identifying what the real challenges are that you are facing. They will help you engage, build confidence in problem-solving and build your agency to be a change maker.  Walking workshops,  creative problem-solving, experiential workshops that flip participants' thinking, just give us the challenge!

Dianne Dredge Speaker

Global thought leadership

Extensive experience in keynote presentations, thought provocation, and interactive forums for over 20 years. Our founder is well regarded as a thought leader, and is recognised by the International Academy of Tourism and other international agencies. A deep fascination for the neuroscience of change-making into practical settings guides her recent work. 

Journeys -  ambition versus reality

Journeys into Regenerative Tourism

Experiments, living labs, incubators, building visitor experience ecosystems and demonstration projects, we embed ourselves in the community, build credibility, activate and empower regenerative change.

Tourism CoLab purpose

Our Impact

We deliver our social mission through:

  • Targetted education and training.

  • Pro bono time pledge to assist new and emerging tourism social enterprises.

  • Students mentoring and higher education engagement.

  • Public thought leadership.

  • Workshops and public talks.

  • Fee waivers for education and training courses (by application).