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The Tourism CoLab works with and through communities to build place-based, community-led, and nature-positive change.

We employ regenerative and design thinking practices to build purpose-led businesses, stronger and more resilient communities, and visitor experiences that are future fit. 

The world is changing, so our ways of working need to evolve too.

It is increasingly clear that the old ways of working are not going to work in an increasingly disrupted world. Climate change, biodiversity loss, ecosystem change and [re]structuring of our social and economic systems are already unleashing complex systems change.  We need more than old solutions, template plans, and marketing plans to navigate the future.

At the Tourism CoLab, we  are complex systems thinkers. We work to diagnose the challenges and find appropriate solutions that are ground up, empower local communities, and build resilient floursishing places. 

We are award winning educators, community builders, global leaders in regenerative tourism thinking and practice specialising in:

Embedded community engagement, empowerment and wealth building

Regenerative journey coaching and mentoring

Creative, innovative thinking and problem solving

Internationally recognised research and education

Curated conversations and community-driven solutions

Interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral initiatives and whole of government actions

Practical and applied policy analysis

Strategies for diverse economies and purpose-led business models

Place-based education and learning strategies for adaptation and resilience building

Context relevant solutions that connect global knowledge with local knowledge, lived experience

Networked collaborative governance

How we work

Our services


It used to be called 'destination management', but the future demands so much more:

  • A systems approach to tourism

  • Regenerative business education and activation

  • Regenerative leadership

  • Redesigning governance

  • Positive impact strategies and measurement

  • Activating allies and champion networks.


 We lead change through:

  • Interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral work

  • Complex thinking

  • Systems mapping 

  • Network analysis/activation

  • Evidence informed practice

  • Regenerative design practices

  • An understanding of the neuroscience of change.

  • Designing contextually relevant regenerative measures

CoLab Community of practice


  • Community engagement 

  • Social licence

  • Community wealth building and empowerment

  • Genuine co-design

  • Community coaching and confidence building

  • Local to global connections

  • A place to reflect on shared experiences and learn together.


Our communiversity is a community of learners and a pocket sized university:

  • A DIY learning space

  • Curiosity/led learning

  • Interdisciplinary and boundary stretching

  • New knowledgeskills and practices

  • Coaching and mentoring

  • Social connection

  • Co-created source of inspiration and ideas

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