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Leadership Journey



A radical and transformative reimagining of tourism...


Regenerative tourism course

Why an Untourism leadership journey?

In this journey, we work to flip thinking, challenge assumptions and reintegrate tourism into place, community and local business ecologies. The course is for anyone interested in place-making, community wealth-building, and the next visitor economy.

Why? Because it's time.


The journey caters to organisations interested in evolving their business models and ecosystems, communities interested in hosting in regenerative ways, and organisations seeking to understand and build a pathway to the future.


In our Untourism Leadership Journey, we imagine and co-design regenerative pathways and their activation. We take this journey as a collective, so you will benefit from of a global cohort with diverse perspectives and experiences.


The journey is suitable for businesses, organisations and community groups to develop the skills to imagine a resilient future and identify the steps to get there.

To learn more, book a call with us!




This course is for those familiar with regenerative thinking or willing to catch up with some pre-work. The journey allows you explore concepts and ideas, reflect on their application, and design your journey.

The Untourism Leadership Journey is for those seeking guidance and are open to a process that challenges our thinking. It won't provide quick fix templates or solutions but will reveal ideas, insights, and reflections for your regenerative journey. 


Untourism Leadership Journey incorporates opportunities to engage informally with your cohort. The course content includes:

1. Regenerative mindsets: Leadership, alignment and unfolding

2. Regenerative futures: Transition and transformation

3. Regenerative design: Principles and practice

4. Regenerative values: Guiding values and story 

5. Regenerative places: Hosting for regenerative impact

6. Regenerative communities: Connecting in conversation

7. Regenerative business: Ecologies for thriving

8. Regenerative development: Policy and organising

9. Regenerative leadership: Connected, caring, and antifragile

10. Coming together: Harvest and wholeness 


We have designed our course around a rhythm of learn, reflect and activate. We have live sessions every two weeks and a group clinic with your peers every other week. Your learning is supported by the Communiversity providing access to webinars and networking.  We also have guest speakers from our CoLab Associates and global network to support your journey.

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What Others Have Said...

Dianne continually thinks about how to trigger growth and learning for others, as well as expanding the experience and understanding of regeneration for all those who become involved. She has linked me to new ideas through so many helpful resources. She introduces people in the community to others who might share their ideas and thinking. Her reflections about barriers and breakthroughs have always thrown new light on my whole my way of being and triggered new discoveries of thinking, feeling and action."

Sally, Victoria, Australia

Your Commitment

Live sessions

Ten (10) live sessions delivered over 20 weeks


ten (10) group clinic coaching sessions



Time commitment average 2-3 hours per week (Note: you get out of it what you invest into it!)



A cohort co-learning, coaching journey means being prepared to have meaningful conversations, be challenged and learn.

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Bring your own knowledge and expertise to share and contribute to creating a genuine co-learning environment

Regenerative Leadership course.jpg

Investment and Benefits

The cost of the 20 week facilitated Untourism Journey is $1490AUD.

If you are a not-for-profit, social enterprise or community collective, we can discuss your needs.

The benefits of taking our Untourism (Leadership) Journey include:

🤍  A journey with experienced and knowledgeable regenerative practitioners with decades of project and leadership experience in local and global communities.

🤍 Access to a global network of people working in regenerative practice, tourism, place-making, community development and regenerative business design via the CoLab Communiversity.

🤍 Co-learning, reflection and connection. Everyone brings with them the full sum of their lived experience and knowledge, and we make space for collective  sharing and learning.

🤍 Access to tools, workbooks, case studies and examples that we have been involved or our networks share with us. 

🤍 Experience what a regenerative way of working and regenerative systems change entails. Learning, being and doing together makes us stronger.

🤍 A certificate of completion and, more importantly, connection into a global community and network of change makers.

As a social enterprise, our commitment is to make learning opportunities available for those who can catalyse change in their places and communities so we have options available to make your participation happen. Please fill our our inquiry form to discuss.

Regenerative Leadership for Flourishing Places 

STARTS 29 August 2024

The Untourism Leadership Journey is for all those interested in understanding how regenerative projects can be designed  and implemented in your place, business, organisation or community.


It's not anti-tourism, but a new way of framing and working with tourism to contribute to social, economic and ecological well-being. It's an holistic approach to business development, place-making and community wellbeing, and it's long overdue. 

Our flagship program is designed around a flow of learn-reflect-activate where we work with you to develop and activate your regenerative journey. You'll have access to our global network of regenerative practitioners and a safe space for ideas, inspiration, examples and case studies. You'll also join other leaders and change makers in the Communiversity. 

Generative question cards

Want to bring your team?

We welcome enrolments from the same organisation. Learning is more effective when shared and activated together.


The benefits of bringing your team into the Regenerative Leadership Journey means you can share your insights and activate regenerative leadership practices in your team and place.

We have a sliding scale of fees for three or more members of the same organisation. With five or more enrolments, we create a private, safe, collaborative space to build your team's journey.


In addition to access to the global cohort journey, we can also allocate a private coach to your team. Just ask about our team, community, or place-based packages.

Since you're here...

Co-learning is a keystone strategy in deepening the impact of our Untourism leadership journey. So, since you have scrolled all this way, we make a special limited time only offer!

Bring another member from your organisation and receive 40% off the Untourism Leadership Journey. Submit an inquiry and we'll tell you how to unlock our offer.

Thanks for emailing us. We will get back to you soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When does the course start and finish?


The course will commence on the date indicated. Once we know the location and timezones of participants, we will endeavour to set a time for the live sessions that will suit everyone. Sometimes this is not always possible but we will work with you to find a suitable time.


The full schedule will be made available in late July one month before the course commences. The schedule may be subject to change. A four week break over December - January will be included in the scheduled.


Every attempt is made to be as flexible as possible to account for public holidays and seasonal holidays. Working across timezones can be tricky so we ask participants to recognize these challenges. In almost all cases, sessions will be recorded and available for viewing later.


Upon signing up you will receive access to the Community CoLab learning platform hosted on Circle. 

Q. How is the course run?


Our Community of Practice, known as the 'CoLab Communiversity', is the platform where you will find recordings of the live sessions in case you miss them. We encourage co-learning across the cohort and with other members of the Colab Community, so make sure you introduce yourself and engage in the community.


Q. What is inclued in the access to the Communiversity?


The CoLab Communiversity is a membership-based community of practice that supports all those working to transform the way we travel, host and experience place. Our Communiversity membership includes free webinars, member spotlight webinars, tools, resources and case studies and a network of global regenerative tourism practitioners. You will receive a year long membership to the Communiversity as part of your enrolment. 

Q. How long do I have access to the journey coaching materials?


After enrolling, you have access to this course space for 12 months, or until further notice. You may opt-in and take an annual membership to the Colab after this period. 


Q. What if I am unhappy with the course?


We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us within the first month (30 days) and we will give you a full refund.


Q. Will the course be offered at a later date?


Yes. The course may be offered again (no guarantees) and pricing may change. Email us at any time if you have questions.

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