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Join the [un]tourism movement and let's co-create the future of travel together! It's time that we took back the visitor economy from an industrial sector to re-invent it as one that delivers positive and sustained benefits for people, places, and the environment. 

Tourism is dead. Long live regenerative travel.

Tourism is dead. Long live regenerative travel that opens up the awe and beauty of living, exploring, connecting and learning. A regenerative approach to travel and tourism allows us

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Co-created visitor experiences

Transform tourists into regenerative travellers and changemakers. Become part of this brand new approach, where travellers contribute back more than they take. Visitors contribute skills, ideas and even hard work in exchange for fun, authentic, and truly rewarding experiences.

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Collective action

there is a widening gap between what is happening on the ground, in communities, in the wild, and what is happening in the curated tourism system and in policy bureaucracy. A creative remaking of tourism is already happening at the edge. It's also untied to existing priorities, processes, metrics, and protocols.


Smaller regions and collectives of free-thinking individuals tied of knocking on closed doors are undoing tourism. Idealistic, community-minded, climate-concerned individuals can make a difference. Those communities living with the effects of climate change, environmental decline, economic insecurity, and marginalisation are among some of the most resilient of people.


Those living on Islands, and in regional and remote locations, are said to be some of the most creative problem-solvers. In these communities, individuals are banding together to [un]design their local economies, create alternative income streams and exchange practices. In the process are [re]inventing local economies. They are [re]imaging social support structures, establishing collectives, and building the connective tissue necessary for resilience.


In the world that I inhabit, many of these communities indicate that they have given up on a system that feel distant, inaccessible, and out of touch. They are [re]designing tourism through the lens of regeneration, although this word is not often used. Tourism is being [re]moved from its framing as an industrial sector, and instead is being [re]framed around well-being, resilience, and self-determination.

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