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At the Tourism CoLab, we believe that travel can be transformational. It connects us to people, places, culture, and nature. It reminds us that our planet - our home - is a living system, and that we need to care for it.

Climate change, biodiversity loss, ecosystem decline, and the restructuring of our social and economic systems demand that we develop a new relationship with the planet. 


Our mission is to create, nurture and support a global community of change makers and regenerative practitioners who are working to shift mindsets and drive systems change in place-based community an economic development.


Our purpose is to create hybrid spaces of learning and doing where those wanting to take a genuinely regenerative approach to tourism can connect, share and thrive.  We will work with communities, places, organisations, operators, and governments to implement community-led, place-based and nature positive actions in travel, hosting and tourism.


We seek to deliver positive impacts for people, place, and nature through:

  • The design and implementation of place based stewardship initiatives and regenerative projects that progress the SDGs.

  • An operational commitment to socially and environmentally responsible practices both internally and across our networks.

  • Building and supporting a global community of practice in regenerative tourism where information and experiences can be shared and peer-to-peer learning takes place.

What we bring

Our purpose and the positive impact we seek to make means that we bring our whole selves to our work. We bring decades of experience in design, destination management, research, education, policy, regional development and community wealth building. We also bring our heart's wisdom and a deep desire to connect beacuse we know that change happens through relationships, connections, sharing and growing together.

The Tourism CoLab works with and through communities of all different types, to support, collaborate and drive the change we need to make. The Tourism CoLab is  a community of communities. 

This new networked way of working holds space for lived experience, local knowledge and alternative ways of working as if people, places, communities and nature mattered.


To learn, share and thrive together is at our core.

Five things

Five things you should know about The Tourism CoLab:

1. We are a social enterprise which means our primary purpose is to deliver social and environmental good. Delivering positive impact is our primary concern, not profit, growth or branding. 

2. We are always looking for ways to add value and nurture flows of energy, information and resources in your place, community or organisation so that it may flourish.

3. We are not waiting for permission to change the system. We are doing it. This means we might challenge existing ways with good ideas  and intentions! 

4. We don't respond to RFPs that reinforce old thinking and the status quo. So reach out and ask us how to shape the RFP.

5. We are connectors and collaborators that work across a global-local space to support, empower and activate the change we know is needed. Working with us means that you'll have access to our networks and learning opportunities.

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