Our Story.

Breathe in. Listen. Lean in. Lead out.

Those places, destinations, organisations and communities that understand the power of tourism to connect, transform and inspire will be leading out to a regenerative and resilient future. Being prepared, adaptable, creative, and open to experimenting are key attributes to help navigate the future.


Trust in purpose-led business is growing 

Businesses that deliver on a higher purpose as well as being profitable are among the fastest-growing. These businesses deliver a social or environmental purpose as part of their mission. They also demonstrate high levels of consumer trust, repeat customers and staff retention. 

Investing back into the resources that make visitor economies is just good sense.

Individuals, communities and nature all contribute to the success of the visitor economy. It's important that we re-invest back into these sources of natural and community capital. This not only ensures long-term health and well-being but it also builds resilience and enables communities and nature to flourish alongside the visitor economy.


We call this new way of working 

Regenerative Tourism x Design

and we're pioneering it at

The Tourism CoLab.

We're a little bit different

At the Tourism CoLab, we've always believed in the power of travel to transform, connect, revitalise and to grow our minds, hearts and souls.

We believe that visitor economies can thrive while also delivering a higher purpose -

a mission that connects visitors with local communities, special places, and nature.

We believe that our environment is precious. It powers tourism and visitor economies and should be respected and nurtured in tourism and visitor economy development.

We believe that visitor economy development is a journey, not a deliverable. It's a journey where we need to breathe in, listen, lean into emerging solutions, and lead out. We're for the long haul.


Our mission

The Tourism CoLab was founded in 2019 as a capacity-building collaborative laboratory for tourism and visitor economies.  We adopt the principles of regenerative tourism, mission-based business models and ecosystems, and transformational visitor experiences. Then we combine it with our design thinking experience to nurture the conversations, think creatively, and co-design the future of tourism.

Our mission is to work with tourism organisations, governments, communities and business networks to build capacity, co-design and activate destinations, tourism organisations and visitor economies for regenerative futures.


We journey with our clients, to mentor, coach and build their capacity so that they can deliver tourism and visitor economies that are purpose-led, inclusive, regenerative and transformational. Our commitment to delivering social benefit, environmental good and economic resilience is met through in-kind educational and technical support, pro-bono work, and other donations that contribute to regenerative tourism. It just makes good business sense to demonstrate the change we want to see.

What's our impact?

We provide education and capacity building support to tourism social enterprises. We mentor and provide public thought leadership, deliver free workshops and talks to community groups. Scholarship opportunities for our online courses and training are available, especially when those students have an opportunity to put knowledge into practice and pay it forward.


The impacts of our work are both tangible and intangible, short term and long term. We are currently collecting data, analysing and developing our own impact evaluation framework.


If you'd like to know more, contact us!


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