The Tourism CoLab was established in 2019 as a social enterprise committed to delivering social and environmental good through tourism education and learning journeys. See the Founder's journey here.

Our Vision

The CoLab's vision is to create a space of creative problem solving, learning and capacity-building positioned at the edge of thinking in tourism. We believe the old consulting model doesn't work. Instead of drop-in drop-out consultants who deliver and then tap out, the answers are in the room, the business and the destination. That's why we need to listen more closely and co-design the future with all stakeholders. Real conversations and learning experiences are needed to build capacity and unleash the creative capacity within communities, entrepreneurs and destinations.


Our mission is to work with tourism organisations, governments, communities and business networks to build capacity, co-design and activate destinations, tourism organisations and visitor economies for regenerative futures.


Innovation happens at the edge of thinking. It happens were we can join dots and think in alternative ways. That's how we design and deliver groundbreaking journeys and initiatives in tourism. 


We are creating a new kind of capacity-building agency by combining our experience in design thinking, deep knowledge and passion for education, and the transformative power of tourism. 

Our story in The Tourism CoLab is written in our vast international experience, and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by businesses, communities, tourism organisations and governments across the globe. We work as bridge builders, systems thinkers and creative problem-solvers, and we draw from experience working in Australasia, Europe, Mexico, China and Canada.

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Regenerative tourism is taking off, but the values underpinning it we've been banging on about for the last 20 years.

Regenerative tourism is more than sustainable tourism. The starting point is a commitment to the SDGs and then raising it through a commitment to...

Contribute. Regenerative tourism, at its simplest, is about giving back more than we take and allowing the environmental and social systems that sustain us to regenerate.


Connect. Regenerative tourism nourishes local communities, protects and enhances natural ecosystems, encourages meaningful connections with place. It's where resilient local economies flourish.


Care. Regenerative tourism demonstrates a commitment to decentre ourselves, to care for others, and to do no harm. It asks us to be ethical, responsible and caring global citizens in this mobile world.


As a social enterprise, we journey with our clients, to mentor, coach and build their capacity so that they can deliver tourism and visitor economies that are purpose-led, inclusive, regenerative and transformational.


It just makes good business sense to demonstrate the change we want to see.


Our commitment to delivering social benefit, environmental good and economic resilience is met through:

  • Targetted education and training

  • Pro bono time pledge

  • Mentoring students

  • Public thought leadership

  • Workshops and community talks.

  • Fee waivers for education and training courses based on need