Learning is at the heart of every good solution. Creating spaces to learn, reflect, engage, and test new ideas will make innovation more likely. It's hope for a regenerative tourism future.


We're creating an intentional community of thought leaders, educators, strategies, catalysts, thinkers and do-ers who help to create and hold spaces of learning, innovation, leadership and authentic engagement.

Our Mission

Education is essential for building better tourism and regenerative futures. Our learning journeys are based on best practice educational design developed over decades of hands-on experience in community development, tourism planning and policy, business and economic development.


We are learning professionals, trained educators and award-winning facilitators with decades of experience working with communities, the tourism industry, businesses, tourism organisations and policy networks from the very local to the very global level.


We will build your capacity to see, think and solve problems differently. We are passionate about the power of creativity and design thinking in co-creating the future of tourism. If it's truly co-created, then it's a shared future. Building these skills underpins all our courses and learning journeys.


Our professional development and capacity building courses are offered online, face-to-face or in a hybrid mode to suit your needs. 


Regenerative Tourism by Design

An introduction to regenerative tourism and how co-design can help us get there.

A 10-week online cohort course that introduces regenerative tourism, design thinking and systems change for tourism professionals, destination managers, researchers, students, tourism business and industry stakeholders.

30 hours


$690 AUD


Design Thinking for Tourism

Unleashing creativity and design thinking for a mindset and cultural shift

A 5-week online course introducing the basics of co-design. The course is aimed at professionals, destination managers, researchers, students, tourism business and industry stakeholders who would like to understand design thinking and how these practices can change how we work collectively in tourism.

15 hours


$400 AUD


Hosting Conversations in Tourism

An introduction to community engagement and hosting community conversations.

A 5 week online course that introduces community engagement skills for tourism professionals, destination managers, researchers, students, tourism business and industry stakeholders.

15 hours


$400 AUD


Recovery, Pivots and Innovation

Strategies for recovery and a regenerative future

A 5-week online course that introduces tourism professionals, destination managers, researchers, students, tourism business and industry stakeholders to the strategies necessary to innovate and pivot towards a regenerative and purpose-led tourism recovery.

15 hours


$400 AUD

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For Education Institutions

We're bridging the gap between what's currently on offer and the skills that are needed for the future. We combine award-winning higher education experience with practical hands-on industry knowledge. It makes sense to partner with cutting-edge thinkers and leaders in regenerative tourism!


Learning for the future of tourism

Courses that deliver knowledge, skill development and practical know-how.

Drawing from our core expertise in design thinking, regenerative tourism and experiential learning, we can deliver any combination of the above courses in face-to-face or hybrid formats.

Email us if this sounds like something you may be interested in!

Students' Stories

“This was one of the most inspiring, eye-opening and insightful journeys of personal and professional development I've ever experienced. The weekly meetings always overrun because none of us wanted to stop the sessions. Amazing group of open-minded professionals from all the world coming together to discuss the future of tourism and our planet based on the need to restore and regenerate. Thank you for all your direction and support.”

"Thank you so much for this wonderful course. So many useful takeaways. It has left me feeling truly uplifted and inspired. And the interaction with all the other course participants across the world made it extra special. I'm sure we won't stop here! Thank you again."

"Thank you for this wonderful course! I know the main topic was Regenerative Tourism but we experienced and learned so much more! Personally, I liked the way we could interact with people with similar interests and questions from all over the world, and how we took advantage of our diversity and managed to build something meaningful together."