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The Co.Lab

Community of Practice

Building the flow of information, energy, and resources through which change happens.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

African Proverb

Building the connective tissue to support the shift ahead.

In a living systems approach, the flow of information, energy and resources enables life to thrive. Forget about things - reports, plans, milestones, outcomes, or even building stuff -  change happens when we connect, share, learn, and collaborate.

That's why we are building a Community of Practice where we can connect, share, learn and support each other in the change-making process ahead. The Colab Community is a membership community that supports critical, creative, and collaborative thinking, education and journeys. 

Join the Colab Community and let's have the courageous conversations that need to take place...


For a limited time only, we are offering a foundation membership to the Tourism Colab's Community of Practice while we put all the pieces in place.

For a short time only, we are offering a Foundation Membership for those interested in building the foundations. Benefits include:

  • Access to Regenerative Development and Tourism course (+planned courses)

  • Access to Spotlight Guest Speaker events

  • Access to the CoLab Community Blog

  • Monthly office hours/coffee chats

  • Access to our interactive membership platform

  • Spotlight on 'How to' workshops


The change ahead is bigger than any single one of us. More than ever there is a need to create, hold space, and support those experimenting and doing things differently.


At the heart of change is a three-part process: learn, break, then innovate. It’s hard to do this alone in a competitive environment. We create a safe and supportive environment where we can learn, break and innovate together.


For too long local communities have had solutions 'done to them' and have been made to feel like victims. Connecting to a global community of change-makers can be validating and build confidence. 


Collaboration, not competition, is the way forward. Drawing lessons from nature and the way living systems work, in order to thrive we need to listen, learn, adapt and be prepared to evolve.


Building the capability of local communities and local leaders, we provide a space to play, [un]learn, and experiment. It's important to build local knowledge and capabilities, and empower locally-led actions.  


The Co.Lab Community is a place to build your capacity and confidence to implement regenerative change in your organisation, business, community, or place.

Benefits include:

  • Expand your networks globally 

  • Build your knowledge and capabilities

  • Explore, play and co-create regenerative actions

  • Explore regenerative strategies, tactics and collaborations

  • Communicate the positive impact

  • Engage in systems change and innovative policy approaches

  • Connect with those who are also looking for more-than-sustainable options

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